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we know how strong alyssa is and we know she's going to come home. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a petaluma teenager is missing and half of her family is searching. the other half is in petaluma
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waiting. debora villalon is live with new leads in the alyssa case. >> a ping that they got from the cell phone. they thought it was near a soccer field, baseball feel area. so at least now they are able to have a footstep of where to go. >> i'm gone a party. >> reporter: alyssa and a few friends were at a concert when she returned to the hotel alone. a friend who saw her there said she seemed fine. >> on a hotel lobby, you could tell she sat for a minute, got up and walked out. >> reporter: walked where or with whom a mystery. >> we all started to worry and
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freak out a little bit. >> reporter: alyssa's friend waking up to check out realized she was missing. >> we started to call everybody we knew, called the hospital, called the police. >> reporter: one of the calls was to her father kevin bryne who went to search for her. he is studying to be a firefighter and at the restaurant where she waitresses, coworkers describe her as reliable, energetic. >> she was like yeah i'm going and then she didn't come back. and it's crazy because you never thought it would happen to you.
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>> reporter: posters with 19- year-old alyssa's picture are going up all over petaluma. and on a larger scale, a facebook page is also helping spread the word. we're live in petaluma, debora villalon. law enforcement officials in lake tahoe say their search has not found any foul play. today teams from several law enforcement agencies took place on snow shoes and a helicopter looked for clues from overhead. they also went room to room in a horizon hotel where the girl and her friends were staying. >> we're worried for her, the nighttime temperatures here are very cold. so she's exposed to elements that could be a major concern. >> the search stopped at nightfall. the teams plan to resume at morning. as debora mentioned, the last time she used her phone was a
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few minutes after midnight on new year's. >> then there are two disturbing messages on alyssa's twitter account. one of them reads, just lost all my trust in the person i trusted most. and the second reads, after tonight you'll never be a part of my life, you won't be a memory of 2013 a new year you'll never be apart of nothing to me. it is unknown if she posted the tweets. the technology based tools include a wristwatch with a gps locator and smart phone app that lets people know if there's a missing child alert within 15 miles. today would have been poly's 32nd birthday. we have new details tonight about a deadly confrontation in san jose that maybe a case of
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vigilateism. part of it is creating an open house of sorts for criminals. matt keller has details on what led up to the confrontation. >> reporter: this is the murder complaint filed today by the district attorney's office three days after the shooting at this apartment come lek. c o m p lex. this parking garage on lewis road was a crime scene after two maintenance workers confronted hernandez. >> it was shocking and now to know who they are, you think oh my god, they are so good people. it's sad. >> reporter: the other maintenance workers said the area has been plagued by burglaries and despite frequent police reports the crimes have
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continued. an officer revealed to me today this apartment complex had 11 car thefts in the last year. maisha taylor said her car was broken into several times and people are frustrated. >> stop breaking into people's cars everywhere not just summer breeze. >> reporter: the san jose police officers association says the department has 920 officers able to patrol the streets after 30 registration 30 -- resignations over the last 30 days. it creates a climate that peoplenot able to help when they need them. >> i think it's important for people to know what they have available. we don't have enough. >> we don't need to see more citizens trying to take things into their own hands. >> reporter: christopher soriano had a lengthy criminal record and a bench warrant for failing to appear to a court
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date and they the not know why he was at the apartment -- and they do not know why he was at the apartment complex on the day of the shooting. police are crediting shot spotter system for finding two shooters. police flooded the area then minutes later someone called 911 with the description of the car carrying the shooters. >> partially injuring an officer and causing minor injury to a police car. >> reporter: they recovered an assault weapon with a cliff that could help 20 20 amunition. an international crack down on child pornography has netted hundreds of arrests including
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some here in the bay area and have resulted in the rescue of 123 exploited children. >> we arrested 245 people on criminal charges of child exploitation. 222 in the united states, and 23 people overseas. >> homeland securities operation sunflower began back in november and spanned 46 states and six countries. 36 people were arrested in california the most of any state including three from the bay area. one in san leandro, one in san francisco and one in sonoma county. police in daly city say a fight between a father and son ended with both of them hospitalized with serious injuries. it happened around 2:30 this morning at the crown county apartments on emperial way. both are expected to survive. one thing that happened in
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vegas did not stay in vegas. tonight san francisco giant's pitcher sergio romo is apologizing for an incident at the vegas airport on new year's day. tsa agents detained romo at an airport security checkpoint. they said he couldn't provide the proper i. d. police say the world series champ became upset and began acting aggressive so they handcuffed him. after romo calmed down he was sited for breaking rules and released. a statement tweeted by romo was released by the giants tonight. it said i would like to sincerely apologize about the recent events atlas vegas airport. i love and respect my team. and david akers closed his twitter after getting death threats. he suffered a flair up in
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november and needed injections. akers is in a slump this season. later tonight sports director mark ibanez will show us the second kicker the team has signed ahead of the play offs. gavin newson says he is giving up his show on san francisco's current tv now that the media company is being bought by aljeze era. as we reported yesterday, aljeze era is planning to purchase the company for $5 million. the new congress took the oath of office at the u.s. capital today with about 100 freshman now serving in the house and senate. as ktvu's rita williams reports it's a blend of old and new faces. >> reporter: a touching beginning for the 113th congress, back for the first time since a massive stroke a
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year ago, illinois senator mark kirk pain stakingly climbed the 45 steps. the vice president and colleagues from both parties cheered on the 53-year-old republican. >> speaker boehner is a leader who has earned the confidence of his conference and the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: in the house more public goodwill as pelosi handed the gavel to boehner after both were reelected. soon though, the talk turned to cut, taxes and spending. pitting the two parties against each other. >> the people will not tolerate the kind of crisis we've seen again and tkpwáef. >> reporter: same leaders, same party majorities in the house
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and senate, same partisanship, same issues. yet more diverse. 98 women, 43 african americans, 31 latinos, 12 asians and seven gay or bisexual. >> it's good to see congress starting to look more like the rest of america. >> reporter: one day down, two years left to see if looking like more of america helps end the gridlock in congress. rita williams, ktvu news. >> more details, there are now more women than ever before. today the democratic women of the house posed for a class photo on the steps of the capital. in all there are 79 women in the house and 20 in the senate. that is five more than the previous congress. a councilman elect is in a coma tonight and is likely to miss the city's swearing in ceremony. gary bell is hospitalized following two neurosurgeries for swelling on his brain.
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bell's family released a statement today saying a severe bacterial sinus infection was detected. >> how the generosity of a bay area girl inspired many others. >> another chilly night, the temperature change you can expect in the morning and when showers will return to the bay area forecast.
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new video tonight of a water main break in the east bay. started about 3:40 in berkeley on dwight way. an east bay mud person said a water main ruptured. workers shut down the main about 6:30 tonight affecting about 15 homes. there's a controversial new ad campaign in san francisco that focuses on the word jihad. that is a word that strikes fear in a lot of people but amber lee is here and tell us why the people behind the campaign say it's also a word that is misunderstood. >> reporter: the words are in some nummi buses in san francisco. tonight we spoke to people downtown to gauge their reaction to the use of the word jihad. >> reporter: the campaign is designed to bring awareness to
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the true meaning of the word jihad. which the muslim community says is often misinterpreted by americans. >> a group of islam people that are the bad guys. >> it means killing people. >> reporter: but care of the council of islamic relations a civil rights group says jihad is an arabic word which means an uphill struggle to get to a better place. it can be a struggle to be patient, to make friends or to stay in shape. >> unfortunately the word jihad has been hijacked by muslim and anti muslim to put forward war struggle. >> reporter: we showed the ads to people who had not noticed them. >> i don't particularly like them. no. >> reporter: why not? >> i just think it's not making
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me feel comfortable. >> if they put that up it's probably going to create more confusion but at least it'll get the conversation going and the conversation is good. >> i think anything that's going to help raise people's awareness, maybe help diminish stereo types people have will be a good thing. >> reporter: the tads will be on buses until the end of the month. the campaign will also take place in other major cities. saying it is time for islams to take back a word that is part of creed. victims of a home invasion robbery in san francisco say the robbers were looking for one thing, marijuana. now police are looking for the men who broke into an apartment in the richmond district at about 3:00 this morning. the people inside that apartment said they didn't have the 50 pounds of marijuana that was demanded. the robbers then took their cell phones, electronics and cash. police are looking for those five robbers. google scored a partial
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victory today when federal regulators found that google did not place any special ads. online holiday shoppers spent more money this year compared to last year. according to a new com score report that came out today. liday shoppers spent $42.3 billion in november and december. that's a 14% increase compared to the same months in the previous year. the report also found spending picked up in the final days of the holiday season. u.s. car sales have now hit prerecession levels and in 2012 auto makers saw the biggest one day spike in 30 years. consumer editor tom vacar tells us why so many people are now ready to make such a big
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financial commitment. 14-1/2 million vehicles sold last year, that's 14% more than the year before and sales we have not seen since the hay days of 2007. >> we're seeing a tremendous amount of people coming in and being happy to buy cars and not just because they have to because they want to. >> reporter: for 2013, many analysts are now forecasting sales to top 15 million vehicles. the failure to resolve the fiscal cliff could have derailed it. but just in the last few days, general manager malone says business has been brisk. >> i think the value is good for the money, and with interest rates and things like that are really good right now. >> that makes me happy because i'm car shopping right now. >> my transmission went out so i'm shopping. >> reporter: are you happy you will get a good deal? >> i'm very confident. >> reporter: when people decide to spend money on high ticket items then that means that confidence is solid. >> in 2008 when everything crashed, i included i put off
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buying a car. i thought i don't know what's going to happen so i waited until just last year. >> i think it's improved a lot over the last couple of years you look at the home prices they pretty much stabilized. you look at a lot of companies are actually hiring now. >> reporter: economists say future success depends on the new car buyers putting the economy over the rescission. the dow lost 21 points, nasdaq dropped 11. stocks fell after word of disagreement among federal reserve officials about how long the feds should keep buying bonds to support the economy. the city of east palo alto is asking for $2.7 million from the state for emergency levee repeers. the levee was damaged when the frito creek flooded. seven homes were damaged and seven people evacuated from
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their homes. tonight the city council ratified a declaration making the city eligible for the funding. another cold night across the entire bay area. here's a look at some of the current numbers at the 10:00 hour. already dropping back down into the 30s out toward santa rosa, fairfield, concord and livermore. livermore checking in 32 degrees. tomorrow morning just a little more than the very cold reads we had this morning. some areas of frost. especially out toward the inland valleys. the temperatures from the 20s to 30s in the coolest locations. low of 42 degrees, san jose 36 and fairfield one of the spots in the upper 20s at 29 degrees. so here we are tomorrow morning, we're all cold at 7:00, 20s, 30s and 40s. into the afternoon hours a warm recovery with more sunshine. they will be dry for your friday but that could be
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changing by the weekend. i'll be tracking rain chances coming up in the five day forecast. in just under an hour, crews will begin working on what is sure to be a spectacular light display. here's a live look right now at the bay bridge. where crews will begin installing lights along the city's western span. 29,000 white lights will sprinkle across the bridge. the light project is expected to be complete this spring. a day of new beginnings. the students of sandy hook elementary school resume classes. the extra steps taken to help ease them into the new transition. >> the key approval made in washington, d.c. today that will help more than 1 million californians receive health care coverage. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories...
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the students who survived the gunman's rampage in newtown connecticut returned to class today after an extended holiday break.
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the children may still be fragile but as ktvu's john sasaki learned experts say these are steps a community must take. >> reporter: the new sandy hook elementary school in near by monroe connecticut is covered in a layer of snow. a fresh start for a community on the mend. >> a great deal of thought and effort and volunteer work to make this as seemless as possible. >> reporter: the school where 20 students and six educators were killed last month is still shut down. much of the campus was relocated to monroe. even the pet turtle made the move. >> there were counselors, therapy dogs, there was a little bit of anxiety but everybody was happy to get back in the swing of things. >> reporter: in the days after the shooting i took these photos in monroe. you could see police cars blocking ago -- access to the
10:27 pm
campus as they are this week. >> the efforts to know that they are not forgotten and everybody understands and empathizes with them i think there's some benefit to that. >> reporter: this is a good time for the students to get back to class but that many will feel the effect of the trauma for some time to come. >> kids not being able to sleep. having nightmares. acting out in one way or another. so i think people have to be really attentive to catch that in the early stages. >> reporter: abramson says it's important to resume a normal routine as soon as reasonably possible so that child's fears do not have too long to build up. i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. in new york city mayor michael bloomburg had a meeting with another survivor of a
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shooting, gabrielle giffords. giffords says she plans to visit newton tomorrow. and a clinton spokesperson says she will return to work tomorrow. secretary clinton was releaseed from the hospital yesterday. she's being treated with blood thinners to desolve a blood clot from her brain. the illness began last month with a stomach flu. clinton remains committed to testifying before congress about the benghazi consulate attacks. california is one step closer to helping low income residents to receiving health care coverage. the program offers health insurance at a lower price to qualified low income residents. it's estimated 1 million people in the bay area and 6 million statewide have no health insurance. a lesson tonight on paying
10:29 pm
it forward. how a child's small donation resulted in hundreds of dollars for one bay area shelter. >> and one of the suspects accused of killing a south bay businessman appeared in court. the new details about the killing and the victim's past. ♪
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a simple act of kindness from a 6-year-old girl has inspired a chain reaction of giving. new at 10:00, cara lui is in livermore where change from a piggy bank has helped change the lives of so many others. >> reporter: the change from a little girl in a piggy bank like this has changed the lives of so many in a shelter and beyond. >> reporter: the mackenzies are
10:32 pm
known in the community with their help with the homeless. it was here when a family pulled up and a little girl named emma offered her a piggy bank similar to this one. >> she said h -- this is for the homeless. tomorrow is thanksgiving and i have a bed to sleep in with covers. and i know the homeless don't have it and i'm going to have turkey. and i want them to have it. >> reporter: turns out emma had seen a homeless man on the street and asked her parents about him. >> i was crying and the mom had tears. >> reporter: donna and emma counted the pennys and nickless, $6.20 in all. the story made the church newsletter and local paper. >> we started getting phone calls. people that read about it and wanted to help out in some way. >> reporter: about $1,800 came in including a grant from an anonymous donor. that helped get rooms at motel six for 20 people.
10:33 pm
>> it was like winning the lottery to these guys. >> reporter: a single act of kindness from a little girl with a big heart. >> i think we can all take something from this little girl. because you know, everybody can't do everything but everybody can do something. >> reporter: she never got emma's last name and has no idea how to contact her parents but she hopes to find them soon so she can tell them how much has come from emma's $6.20. cara liu. next month san francisco homeless shelters plan to implement new rules to make shelters safer. there's no policy about conduct outside. starting january 16th those who cause problems will no longer be allowed inside to stay the night. >> what we want to do is make sure that it is nipped in the
10:34 pm
bud right when it happens so they're not taken into the shelter. >> it allows the people that are inside to feel safe, you know. they want to feel, they want to be safe when they're sleeping. >> reporter: advocates rallied in support of a bill brought by the lozano. it aims to stop criminalization of the homeless. in san francisco, the archdiocese organize add vigil for eric avila. he was killed near 25th and connecticut streets early sunday. today the man accused of stabbing him appeared in court. 28-year-old andre reed did not enter a plea and is currently being held on $2 million bail. tomorrow the man accused of killing two people and critically injuring a third is scheduled to be arraigned in san francisco. police say 19-year-old david morales was fleeing from police
10:35 pm
in connection with a near by shooting on new year's day. that's when the alleged gang member crashed his car in the city's mission district killing two victims. san jose police are asking for witnesses to come forward in connection with the death of an elderly woman who was struck and killed while she was crossing the street. it happened near the intersection of white road and pat avenue. investigators say sue wi was hit and killed by a truck. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. today the city's mayor made a house call to a resident who says her home was burglarized not once but twice in one month. earlier this week she showed ktvu some of the priceless family jewelry that was taken and demanded that action be taken to stop the crimes and
10:36 pm
then she got an unexpected call. >> i was talking to a neighbor and i was like oh my god, hang on let me get this. i turn and say, it's the mayor. and she was like, woah. >> the mayor says she's open to suggestions from the residents and now called morales is encouraging her neighbors to speak out. we are learning more details about the death of a wealthy man. today investigators combed through stacks of police charges and found out how he was murdered. >> reporter: deangelo austin appeared in court in san jose. austin is one of four people accused of taking part in the killing of businessman raveesh
10:37 pm
kuma. lucas anderson and javier garcia face charges. while raven miska faces burglary charges. >> this is a very unusual case to connect the dots between the defendants and the victims in this case. >> reporter: prosecutors say the murder took place during the commission of a robbery. making three of the defendants eligible for the death penalty. now we're learning more about the victim's past. in this massive divorce filing we sifted through today, kumra is accused of shady business dealings. one of kumra's exbusiness partners said that kumra's divorce was only on paper to hide their assets. i talked today to the sergeant from the police department and he told me it's likely there
10:38 pm
could be more arrests. in san jose, alex sadvidge. the frightening statistic about how many drivers admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel just this past month. >> and cash only, what the vatican is accused of not doing that resulted in a ban on credit cards. >> get ready for another cold night but tomorrow get ready for temperature changes as well. how much warmer you can expect it to be on your friday and a full break down as we head into your weekend. >> a kitten that disappeared eight years ago is finally reunited with his owners. the reason they know it's their cat. map --
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the company that owned the
10:41 pm
oil rig that caused thedisastrous oil spill is agreeing to pay a fine. bp leased the rig from transocean and last november it agreed to pay $4 billion in penalties. oil spilled into the gulf for five months before it was capped. in news of the world tonight in pakistan, a u.s. drone strike reportedly killed a top afghanistan commander. a pentagon spokesperson said he had a lot of blood in his hand. in india, a sixth suspect is only 17 and may be charged in juvenile court. the crime has galvanized india
10:42 pm
to call for new laws to protect women. and in vatican city it's cash only now for tourists. credit cards are no longer accepted. at least central bank has blocked electronic payments because it has not complied with money laundering rules. subaru is sending letters to the owners of 600,000 vehicles alerting them to possible problems with door lights that could spark a fire. the recall affects 2010 and 2011 outbacks and legacies. tribeca suvs from 2006 through 2012. and forester from 2009 to 2011. the problem includes flood light that shines flood light on the ground helping passengers that get out. there's no way to tell exactly which vehicles are involved so
10:43 pm
every owner is being sent one of those recall notices. a new study of drowsy driving is not going to be reassuring to anyone who heads out on the road. one in 24 adult drivers acknowledge they fell asleep behind the wheel in the past month. the cdc says some drivers may not realize they have nodded out. the result finds it's further evidence that many people are not getting enough sleep. san francisco's baths are being used again. the unusual new resident that's attracting a real following and puzzling wildlife experts. will wet weather put a damper on our weekend plans. mark tamayo tells us if rain is in the forecast. ution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents.
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a freak occurrence in the
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north bay tonight closed a busy roadway and also damaged three vehicles. it happened shortly after 6:00 tonight in vallejo. several large tree limbs suddenly cracked and fell hitting three cars as they were driving on columbus parkway. there were no reports of any injuries but at least two of the cars as you see here were pretty seriously damaged while the third managed to continue driving. no word yet on what may have caused those tree limbs to fall. there is a lot of excitement in san francisco over a new inhabitant residing just below the cliff house in the remains of the old sutro baths. lauren blanco tells us wildlife experts aren't sure where he came from but they think he may have swam across the golden gate from the marin head lands. >> reporter: this furry little guy is known as sutro sam because he plays in the sutro baths. >> we were standing over here
10:47 pm
and we saw the otter and then a ferin came and they were fighting over a fish. >> just very playful. fun loving creatures. >> he just put his head up and then went back down. he did that several times. >> reporter: while we looked for sam, we saw this whale. wildlife making a home next to such a big city is a positive sign. she says it means we're doing better to protecting our watershed. >> he can hunt in the ocean as this fresh water pool. he has a fresh water seep to use. it's a great place for him. >> reporter: sam certainly seems to like it. >> nice to see nature reclaiming their habitat. >> reporter: one thing sam doesn't have is a mate. that's why ecologists wonder if he'll move on in late winter
10:48 pm
when his hormones start revving up. lorraine blanco. a former sausalito house cat was reunited with his family after 8-1/2 years. vanilla disappeared when he was just a kitten. an animal officer found a chip in the cat's ear. then they called the owner and gave her the big news. >> i was dreaming. i said can you hold on a second. then i started screaming, oh my gosh they have vanilla. >> the cat was recovered from a homeowner who was recently hospitalized. he will be headed back to his old home which he will share with two dogs and another cat. we head into the weekend at least for right now. in the short term mostly clear
10:49 pm
skies. i am tracking a few high clouds. in fact, here's another look at those current temperatures for the 10:00 hour. 30s already out toward fairfield, concord and livermore. downtown san francisco in the upper 40s by about 48 degrees. here's the weather system developing out here in the pacific. we had higher clouds but this weather system will be a factor as we head into our weekends. tomorrow though will be dry. just a few extra high clouds will be added to the forecast. as high pressure remains in command of our weather. once again that chilly start, coolest locations inland in the upper 20s. lots of 30s and basically in the 40s in the medial coast and for san francisco. here we go to the changes in the weekend. for the weekend the chance of some showers on saturday. timing right now looks like the best chance would be saturday late saturday afternoon into saturday evening. and then we could be tracking
10:50 pm
some more rain fog developing up in the north bay on sunday. gradually spreading to the south. here is our forecast model just showing you a few high clouds for your friday. partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny observations as well. 2:00 friday afternoon. then into saturday, saturday morning starteds out dry into the afternoon hours. look what happens we could be tracking a few rain showers late into the afternoon and evening hours especially up in the north bay. sunday morning, once again starts out dry. but then another band of rain pushes into the region sunday. especially targeting areas north of the golden gate bridge at 9:00. slowly making their way south. we're going to fine tune and iron up the details of the timing as we head into the weekend. we are tracking rain chances for saturday and sunday. a little warmer compared to the highs from today. maybe about one to 3 degrees warmer. that will translate to a few
10:51 pm
low 60s out toward morgan hill, gillmor and santa cruz. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. with your weekend always in view there's that rain cloud on a saturday to reflect the shower chances. rainfall redevelops on sunday. and then maybe a few sprinkles into monday but if you're getting tired of the very cold mornings, i think this system could warm us up a little bit overnight so that will be good news there. >> thanks, mark. star wars creator george lucas is ready to tie the knot to his long time girlfriend. the two have been dating financial seven years. year -- the two have been dating for seven years.
10:52 pm
this will be lucas second marriage and the third for his fiance who is the financial advisor of a chicago company.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
the san francisco 49ers announced today that tickets for the upcoming division game will go on sale next monday at 10:00 a.m. the available tickets are expected to sell out quickly.
10:55 pm
the niners play off game is set for saturday january 12th at 5:00 p.m. we will find out who they play this weekend. >> i imagine we will find out who will be their kicker as well. >> they have to make some kind of decision. they're worried. imagine the 49ers in a play off game or the final seconds of the super bowl and you need david akers to kick a field goal to win it. it's not a comforting call right now. that's why they signed cummings to replace akers, maybe. they will compete for the job any way. don't expect miracles but both are pros and claim it isn't awkward for them both to compete at this stage of the season for one job. >> i don't think it is. i really don't. i said you just accept it as part of the business.
10:56 pm
again like it's tough for you guys to again put yourself in our shoes but it's really just about performance. when you put it on those terms that takes all the awkwardness out of it and realize it's a performance business. >> it's been disappointing. i'm disappointed in myself. there's nothing i can do about it. i can't go to the past. try today to get better, try to figure out why they're not going between the poles. if i had an answer i would have fixed it a long time ago. stanford missed right on their pac12 opener. the bears run over by the bruins in southern california. it was not that close down south. it is muhammad to the hole for two of his 16. he looked very strong. he had eight rebounds as well. cal just can't get into it. bruins break the other way.
10:57 pm
drew the second with a perfect pass to devin. ucla as you will see it was no slam dunk for stanford either at usc. much closer though. aaron bright a bright spot with trickery there. but now down two, final second give it to the leading scorer, jason randall he will miss a runner. but they've got their 7-footer dwight pal missing a slam dunk that would have sent it into overtime. watch it again. perfect opportunity. it didn't go. game over usc winning 71-69. of course it was not the bowl game they had in mind but despite having their national title hopes dashed a little earlier this year, the ducks turn their finale into a fiesta any way. their coach possibly in the way to the nfl leaving behind yet another fond memory against kansas state as he with take a look at the early goings on.
10:58 pm
how much earlier can it get. the opening kick off. thomas takes it i didn't really see anybody get much of a hand on him. 94yards, the optimum way for oregon to start the game. then on the receiving end, othus passed for another touchdown. he's gone. he's got big league speed. for a 35-17 final over kansas city. the ducks finish 12-1 but not the national title they were looking for. quite possibly the greatest high school football program ever losing its architect. delasalle has called an afternoon press conference for tomorrow afternoon reportedly to announce the retirement of coach ladaser. among the accomplishments too numerous to mention for him in that program. how about the longest win streak in high school football
10:59 pm
history, 151 straight. all time winningness high school coach. we wish him well but what a great guy. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> good night. >> good night.

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